Welcome to Appartement im Winkel

Welcome to our oasis of well-being in our house Im Winkel

Just relax...

In our wellness area you will find everything needed to relax after a strenuous day.

Our 100m² large sauna facility offers:
finnish sauna - sanarium - steam bath - infrared cabin - Kneipp basin - bucket & massage showers - relaxation room - solarium - fitness 

SAUNA is the perfect way to revive yourself. The switch from wholesome heat to refreshing cold, strengthens the circulation and resistence. Sweating cures in specially furnished rooms, is a tradition that has been practised for millenia. Today sauna is practised like the Fins in a wooden cabin with elevated temperature and low air humidity. If classical finnish sauna is either too warm or too dry, SANARIUM is the perfect alternative. The temperature of approx. 60°C and regulated air humidity of max. 55% provide an especially tranquil environment for relaxation and well-being.

INFRARED CABIN- Warmth is one of the oldest remedies known to man. Health care by rise of the body core temperature. An infrared surface heating system is integrated into the walls of the sauna. The long-wave infrared C-rays have a positive effect on the body. 

STEAM BATHING has an ancient history. The Greeks already knew about it and for the Romans as "a sudatorium" it was a firm component of the bathing culture. Moreover, steam bathing is not only liked but also healthy. It is a pleasant sweating cure like sauna, but with another climate. Although it isn't as hot and much more humid in effect, it is still comparable with sauna. Many prefer the low bath temperatures between 43 - 46 °C and the air humidity of more than 100%. The steam is especially beneficial for illnesses of the respiratory tract.

The sun always shines in the SOLARIUM. Fitness for warming up and to improve your shape. There is tea, water and apples at our minibar.
For cooling-down there is direct access to the fresh air and snow. Pure enjoyment and relaxation.


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